We make everything simple

Computer Infrastructure, web, and coding are very difficult.  It requires dedicated workers with skillset to accomplish your tasks.  When you don’t have enough resources and need help, we are here to provide solutions.


We are a non profit organization working to support various IT needs. We can support all customers from government, educational, and small to big size companies. Some of our proceeds will help support the technologies provided to our public school systems.

If you need IT support and would like to contribute to the public school system, please contact us at help@simplenetwks.com.

Scripting and Coding

We help develop scripting and coding to help with various projects.   From Windows Powershell/Powercli to Linux Shell scripting, we can help fix/adapt anything.

Blockchain Development

We are working on development various blockchain related work.  We will post as soon as we have results.


Here is our location and contact info…

10 Claremont Street

Worcester, MA 01610

(774) 314-1512